Yachting on the river North of The Moorings • More Photos

The Moorings of MillidgevilleŠ is an exclusive, private waterfront residential enclave of fine homes in Saint John with the amenities you expect to find where you will build your top of the line dream home. Second to none, in all respects! Enjoy a front row seat to a parade of boats going to and from the Royal Kennebecasis Yacht Club, the largest yacht club in the province. Have a dock and moor your boat!

Located directly across the water from the Royal Kennebeccasis Yacht Club, New Brunswick's premiere yacht club since 1898.This cove in the heart of Millidgeville enjoys the most sunshine in the entire area.

Simply the nicest water access lots available in the area!

When you purchase a lot in The Moorings, you own to the water's edge. There is no public buffer/walking trail between your home and the water.

In a waterfront city, land value comes in several grades with true water access being the ultimate prime grade. Location has more to do with property value than any other measure.

The Moorings of Millidgeville is the finest location in the region.

It is like comparing a moving picture to a still life photograph when looking at these lots versus the other waterfront lots I have seen in this area.

Street view of The Moorings • More Photos

Highest Level of Municipal Services in this area